Conditions of Use

1st general

1.1. You are welcome to explore the Wealthway Digital (“Website”).

These conditions encompass our privacy guidelines. By accepting these conditions, you agree to our privacy guidelines. (You can review our privacy guidelines here).

2. Eligibility

2.1. By adhering to these terms and conditions, access to the website will be granted.

2.1.2. You may agree to these terms and conditions.

2.1.3. The regulations in your country of residence or website usage do not in any way restrict users from accessing the site or its services.

3. Regions with Limited Entry

4. Banned actions.

4.1.1. You are authorized to access our website and utilize it to download, upload, share, and publish, as well as to send or transmit (a) data or other material that infringes on intellectual property rights, privacy, or other legal rights; (b) information that is prohibited from publication or distribution due to harm caused by insult, defamation, libel, or racism; (c) content containing viruses or other malicious software that may damage our computer systems or those of third parties, or that obstructs or restricts other users from accessing the website; (d) any information or materials that breach any law; (e) content including advertisements or other material not approved by our prior written consent.

4.1.2. Alter or remove any credits, disclaimers, tags, or identifiers that are exclusive to this site.

4.1.3. Services can be accessed through an interface other than the website.

4.1.6. Without our explicit consent, you cannot upload, transmit, or even try to upload any content that actively or passively engages in data gathering or transmission methods, such as tracking pixels, cookies, or spyware tools.

4.1.7. Participate in "framing," copying, or any other technique to replicate the look or operation of the services.

4.1.9. You have the capability to alter or modify this website's source code. Additionally, you may upload software or applications that could potentially harm the website or any individual.

4.1.10. You are prohibited from disassembling, decompiling, or reverse engineering any technology or software present on the website or employed to deliver the services.

4.2. These terms are supplementary to any entitlements we may hold. Should we deem your site usage as non-compliant with these terms or applicable laws, we retain the right to observe your activity, restrict access, disclose your usage behavior to third parties, or take any necessary action to protect others' rights and property.

5. Rights pertaining to intellectual property.

5.1. The content on the website, including elements related to videos, such as images, sounds, trademarks, logos, and designs, along with text, are safeguarded by our intellectual property rights and those of third parties.

5.2. All ownership, titles, and interests related to the services and website belong to us. Except for the right to use the services and website as per these terms, users gain no intellectual property rights through their use of the services and website.

5.3. Users may access the Website and/or Services solely for individual, non-commercial purposes.

5.4. You must not allow others to alter, reverse engineer, disassemble, or replicate the services or the website, nor create derivative works with the sub-license or lease.

6. Restriction on Liability

6.2. We are not liable for any errors, omissions, or inaccuracies in the website's information. We accept no responsibility for any disruptions or interruptions of transmissions via the services.

6.3. We will compensate you for any loss, directly or indirectly experienced by you or any third party through the site or services. You will be responsible for any decisions based on information from the site and/or the services.

7. Third-Party Content and Services

7.3. We advise you to confirm the correctness of all details before making a choice. You bear responsibility for all choices and actions based on the information.

8. Links

8.2. The presence of web links on this site does not signify approval, sanction, affiliation, or any other form of endorsement by us concerning the linked sites, their software, or their administrators.

8.3. We have not examined each hyperlink and cannot be liable for the software or websites mentioned. It is essential to be cautious before using, relying on, or purchasing anything from these sites or applications. We disclaim any responsibility for damages or losses arising from the use or dependence on any products, information, or content accessible via other websites.

8.4. You are accountable for examining the terms and policies of any external websites. We highly recommend reading them before engaging with third-party websites.

9. Miscellaneous

9.1. We reserve the right to modify, discontinue, or adjust our services at any time. These modifications will not adversely affect you, and you will not be permitted to make any claims against us.

9.6. Should a court with proper authority in the United Kingdom declare any provision invalid, these terms will be voided. The remaining provisions will be interpreted as if the exclusion had been made and will be enforced as written. Nonetheless, the terms will adhere to the intentions and meanings of the exclusion clauses per the court's ruling.

9.7. These terms allow third-party collaborators to transfer or assign all their rights and duties. External operators can oversee the website and all its features, without restricting the aforementioned. These terms do not allow you to transfer or assign your own rights or duties.